Our Team

WAL Masonry's staff are trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our business.

Scott LaCaillade



Scott works on the jobsites with his crew. He is a hands-on leader and appreciates and respects the hard work that comes from the employees.



Beth LaCaillade




Beth works in the office and sometimes visits the jobsites to bring materials, or for safety meetings and taking pictures. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and continues learning masonry-specific aspects of business through online web seminars, and attending training classes and classroom seminars. 


From left to right: Michael Clingenpeel, Breven Barton, Anthony LaCaillade, Nicholas LaCaillade, and Trevor Ouellette.




Our On-site crew- 


We are so appreciative of what our employees bring to this company. The hard work and discipline is noticed. Our employees are masons and laborers that mostly work outside in all kinds of weather conditions. It is a physically demanding job and requires them to learn a lot to keep the project moving effectively and efficiently.


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